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The brand of JM Weston was founded in 1927 in Paris. As a manufacturer of some of the finest Goodyear Welted Footwear in the world, JM Weston turned to ESM to maintain and build their production performance.Over the years of change, Weston have seen a 50% reduction in machinery and with this a reduction of 12 operators without sacrificing production volume or quality. By investing in the very high performance machines now engineered by ESM,like Weston, you can have an immediate 25% speed increase to production. Weston commented in our recent evaluation questionnaire that operator comfort is improved, reliability of the machinery with less downtime and a saving of energy costs too. The improvement to bottom-line profits is the primary goal without sacrificing or risking their quality reputation.

Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington Shoes was founded in 1948 and quickly gained a reputation for providing a good product at a reasonable price. Today, Dick’s manufactures 2,200 pairs of Goodyear welts per day, supplying over 800 established customers, and employing 300 people. They enjoy a congenial relationship with its employees and customers alike.In certain instances the measured increase is marginal whilst in others the pedal control of the rough rounder, no 10 stitcher and welt sewer has given us an unknown amount of energy saving and operator comfort from reduced noise levels.These same machines have increased the speed of production by around 25% and reduced downtime by a similar percentage.

Crockett & Jones

With 125 years experience in manufacturing superb quality footwear the very best tanneries around Europe, Crockett & Jones have been using ESM for 10 years.

A sustained programme of machinery upgrades and the use of ESM high performance spares means the operational efficiency is now at its highest level.

In our most recent customer service questionnaire, Crockett & Jones stated that they are at their most efficient now and cannot perceive any more improvements can be made. With ESM Crockett & Jones stated they have seen improvements in operator comfort, speed of production, a reduction in machinery downtime and in certain areas they have seen a reduction in material wastage.