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Livingston & Doughty, based near Leicester, England, were founded in 1898 and has a long history supplying the shoe trade and over time the production of cork spread bottom filler has become the main part of their business. For many years they have exported their widely respected formula, known as Flexofil, all over the world to places such as the North American continent, South Africa, Australia, the Far East and Europe, including Holland, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.
Here are some of it’s advantages:
  • For all types of shoe construction
  • Fast drying time
  • Cavity completely filled
  • Cushions body weight
  • Water resistant
  • Can be applied by hand
  • Flexofil in Goodyear welted construction
flexofil store front

The ‘Goodyear Welted’ construction is a traditional method for the manufacture of mens shoes, taking its name from the inventor who mechanised the original hand sewn method. The essence of this construction is that the upper is shaped over the last and secured by sewing a strip of leather or ‘welt’ to the upper and inner sole.

The cavity formed by the welt is then filled with a cork compound known as ‘Flexofil’ which is highly flexible and resilient giving a welted shoe its unique comfort.
The process is then completed by attaching a sole to the welt. The stitched construction allows the shoe to be repaired many times by replacing the sole. The very nature of this method of shoemaking takes many weeks and can involve up to two hundred highly skilled operators creating a shoe of comfort, strength and durability.
Manufactured by Livingston & Doughtly, Exclusively Distributed in Italy and France by ESM.
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