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EWS-4C/HP Goodyear Welt Sewing Machine

This high speed, accurate welt sewing machine sews the welt to the lasted upper and insole rib with a chainstitch. Operation is easy and fast. Both awl and needle penetrate the work from the welt side. Thread tension is easily changed and maintained by a simple adjustment.
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Enquire About This Machine
  • weight kg 400 net
  • dimension (without packing) 90 x 80 x 190 h CM
  • compressed air 7 bar
  • power requirements 1.3 kw
  • voltage 400-440/50/3 200-240/50-60/1 on request
  • speed min 400 max 1000 rpm
  • latest Omron touch screen control
  • high performance digital brushless motor
  • digital temperature read out 
  • low voltage heating
  • 12 pre-programmed progressive speeds
  • vibration and noise reduced in accordance with latest european safety standards Following info will apply to the cut-off attachment: 
  • high speed, fully programmable feeler contact and cut-off attachment
  • cut-off attachment electro-pneumatically operated
  • quick exhaust valve fitted for improved performance 

  • Built in safety features
  • Modern design
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Low cost spare parts
  • High production
  • Improved yield
  • Pin-point accuracy
  • A machine built to last
  • CE compliant
  • 30% faster operation 
  • Precision electronic control
  • Twin belt drive with precision bearings for ultra smooth operation.
  • Head height adjustment for optimum operator ergonomics
  • Constant stitch tension means less running-up
  • Touchscreen control of all major functions
  • Slow speed settings for training purposes
  • Machine moveable by forklift