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ESS484 Bottom Sole Lock Stitching Machine (2 Threads)

The brand new two thread sewing machine model ESS 484, with a new patented device.
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Enquire About This Machine
  • Electronic motor 400V, three phase
  • minimum speed working adaptable to any type of material from 120 stitch/min to 250 stitch/min
  • Maximum speed from 400 stitch/min to 900 stitch/min
  • Needle stop function inside the material permits easy rotation around the square toe.
  • Last point closing function in manual or automatic mode by brushless motor. All settings by touchscreen.
  • Adjustable needle (patented system) to allow perfect alignment avoiding the 'tear' in the insole means increased quality and comfort.
  • LED spotlights for perfect working area lighting
  • Sensitivity in the regulation of thread to get a better stitching on different thicknesses
  • Auto adaptation of foot pressure working on the soles or leather or very thin rubber.