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X78 - Pulling Over And Toe Lasting Machine

The pulling over and toe lasting machine model X78, hydraulic 9 pincers and thermoplastic injection, is suitable for any kind of work: from the smallest children sizes to the largest men sizes, and for all types of ladies shoes with any height of heel.
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A special kit, in the basic version X78, grants a perfect lasting of safety shoes and boots with iron or plastic toe cap. 
The X78 is completed with wide range of standard features such as rotating pincers, new laser projector and movable pincers system.

Additional features are available as optionals such as motorized wipers stroke, single pincers opening device, rearward drafting, kit for pointed toe ladies shoes, and heel rest with left and right movement.

Special optional facilities allow to produce "Goodyear" and "San Crispino" footwear. 

The version X78SZ includes a hydraulic device, equipped with movable wipers elements which extends the lasting over the ball area, allowing to make the whole shoe lasting in two operations.

A color display, practical and intuitive with self-diagnosis, helps the operator to perform all adjustments quickly and easily; such as the use of features for particular cycles, the changing of times, the opening pincers managing and the setting of the automatic drafting, without the necessity to open the electrical panel and without mechanical adjustments.
The 9 pincers adjustment facilitates the operator in the phase of upper blocking, even when any reasons of saving or particular pattern require the lasting with scanty material. 

Speed and precision on the pressure control and easy maintenance reduce the operating costs compared to similar machines equipped with compressed air system.